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About Us

If you are serious about buying quality at a reasonable price, you are in the right place. Welcome to Thee Cop Shop Buying and selling Government surplus vehicles and equipment since 1992. Licensed Florida Motor Vehicle Dealer. 

We do not sell vehicles that have: Storm damage, Flood damage, Fire damage, Total loss, or any kind of salvage or rebuilt titles.

Each car we sell is: Visually inspected, Mechanically inspected, Checked online by Autocheck, and road tested. Any repairs needed will be done correctly by our ASE Certified Master Auto Technician parts either from Ford or NAPA. Which is vastly different from the average dealer. Most used car dealers buy rough beat up cars and spend all of their time buffing paint, slathering armor all over everything and fixing nothing. We do just the opposite. We start with a clean car in good mechanical condition. Then repair any deficiencies and clean the car. There is a difference!

When you see other sellers describing how they had to “Aggressively Recondition the car” by buffing the paint, steam cleaning the engine and interior, as well as spraying armor all on everything… You know that the car they started with was not in good condition or cared for by who drove it.

Besides do you really want your car’s interior, rubber floor and spare tire dripping with dressing? YUCK!

Compare our cars to others like it online. You will see that we not only have a better product at a better price, But also one that you will be proud to own!

We do not buff, compound, or wet sand any cars that we sell.

We also install equipment into brand new police cars.